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Experience the difference of working with a trustworthy Private Investigator.

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Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC is a private investigative agency focused on providing clients with the highest quality service in background screening, workplace and fraud investigations.

When you hire a private investigator, you want to know that the investigator has the determination, expertise, and experience to provide accurate information from vetted sources as well as the highest ethical integrity in the business.

  • Federal & private investigations

  • Licensed private investigator

  • In-depth risk analysis

  • 100% confidential

  • 22 years of experience

Private Investigation Services

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Utilizing a licensed private investigator to conduct workplace investigations promises an unbiased result. Private investigations with an objective expert witness interviewer increases the level of accuracy for an investigation.

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Background Checks & Employment Screening

Employers can increase retention by implementing an employment screening process during hiring. Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC provides a variety of services to support your business in successful hiring. We provide anywhere from employment and degree verification to nationwide criminal checks and drug testing.  

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Open Source Intelligence & Social Media Monitoring

Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC is an industry expert at conducting OSINT and SOCINT investigations. Open Source and Social Intelligence information can amplify decision-making and help mitigate risk for your organization.

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Business and Competitive Intelligence 

Use a licensed private investigator to conduct due diligence on your future business partner, employee, or competitor.  We provide valuable intelligence and research that leads to results.  A lack of due diligence can leave your organization open to just about anything including fraud.

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Skip-trace / Skip Trace Investigation

Looking for someone?  A licensed private investigator is capable of finding the information that is useful in locating people.  Private investigative techniques and risk databases can be utilized to successfully find people in a variety of situations.

"Thank you, Victoria, for digging through old, old court records, high school yearbooks, military registers as well as your “regular” sources and then putting together a detailed report for my client.  He and I appreciated your prompt and thorough work.  We both thought your price was reasonable.  My client was grateful that you were sensitive to his desire to remain anonymous."

Rebecca K., Estate Attorney 

"Victoria, I wanted to extend a note of appreciation for what you have done for our agency to date.  Your ability to conduct a comprehensive background investigation is top notch, and your report writing is a pleasure to read!  Thank you for your continued service."

Brian S., Investigations Program Manager

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