Domestic Background Investigations & Open Source Investigations

Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC offers domestic background investigation services with a personal human touch and the expertise of an investigator with 17 years of experience in the business.  Our services include extensive research of all federal, state and local police agencies and courts for civil and criminal litigation.  We conduct extensive online social media examinations, database searches and open source investigations.  We can verify all claimed education, professional licenses and employments.  We also examine sources of the media for newsworthy articles for our clients.  We can also provide discreet interviews of references, sources or witnesses.  All of the information is compiled into a complete and organized report of investigation for our clients.  Please contact us for a quote with your specific needs.

Legal Witness Interviews

Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC works for the legal and insurance industries conducting in-person witness interviews for personal injury cases and other general litigation purposes.

Skip Trace and People Locations

Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC has access to multiple databases that can help locate a long lost relative, friend or business associate.  We use a combination of database research, advance google searches and  legal databases to help our clients locate people for business and personal reasons.  We can also help the financial and legal community locate individuals through multi-level database and on foot research and investigation.

Legal Process Service in King County

Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC provides process services for the legal community in King County.  We make a good faith effort to locate individuals and serve court papers utilzing the upmost ethical standards of the profession.

Please contact us at or (206)898-8146 for a quote for services.

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