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Workplace Investigations

Timely workplace conflict resolution and fraud risk management.

When it comes to conflict resolution in the workplace, situations arise where it is appropriate to use a third-party private investigator who has no stake in the result of the investigation.  The resulting report of investigation will come from an unbiased and professionally trained interviewer.  A workplace investigation process is not complete without investigative or witness interviews.  When accusations are made or job-related fraud or misconduct occurs, it is vital that the investigator working on the case is a good listener, asks the right questions and uses non-confrontational investigative methods.  Furthermore, an investigator must treat all people involved with respect, dignity, and confidentiality.   

Why hire a private investigator for workplace investigations?

If your organization does not have a trained internal person who has the necessary skills to conduct employee investigations, or if that internal person will create a conflict of interest, then it is important to seek a third party. 

Hiring an experienced private investigator is essential to the success of the investigation.  An outside perspective provides objectivity and training to the investigation for which internal security and business risk management requires in the case of occupational or organizational fraud.

Witness interview line of questioning should be developed ahead of time and utilize a non-confrontational interview technique with pre-scripted questioning.  


A fraud or workplace investigation supported by an outside licensed private investigator must be well-organized, and ultimately conclude with a report of investigation, clearly outlining the facts and to assess any vulnerabilities an organization is facing.


The report, if reviewed by a court, jury, or government agency, should indicate that the investigation was performed in a timely manner and took action to resolve the workplace conflict or fraudulent act(s).

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Workplace Investigations
Make a decision based on facts.

  • What is a workplace investigation?
    A workplace investigation is performed when there is an allegation of unethical behavior, misconduct, or a breach in company policy.
  • What are the steps to an investigation?
    A workplace investigation begins with organized informational interviews and establishing rapport with witnesses involved in the situation. Through these interviews, details are developed that uncover the context of the situation. A review of the facts and supplementary interviews may also be required. To conclude the investigation, a detailed report is submitted to human resources for a final review or decision.
  • What do you do at a witness interview?
    A witness interview is an opportunity to provide details or clarifications regarding a workplace situation. The investigator’s goal is to establish an understanding from the witness regarding what happened.
  • When should an external investigator be hired for workplace investigations?
    External investigators are valuable professional resources for workplace investigations as they have no stake in the outcome of the investigation. Furthermore, a third-party is impartial and allows the client to make a decision based on the facts.

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