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Background Checks
Employment Screening

Due diligence before hiring.

Our employment screening services and background checks are tailored to each individual business. Once a relationship is established, the client will log into a secure portal, and select a background check package. At that time, an account is established for the client. The user sends an email to the new hire or employee to participate in the desired screening process. When the process is completed, a copy of the screening result is sent to the client and employee in compliance with national fair credit reporting act (FCRA) standards.

Employment screening reports are a result of utilizing nationwide databases for SSN tracing and criminal history. Nationwide laboratory partners provide drug-screening. Additional add-on services such as driving record, social media reports or county criminal court checks can also be selected. Background check upgrades include verification for education, employment, and reference interviews.

Why hire a private investigator for background checks and employment screening?

Companies who perform due diligence to include pre-employment background checks, professional license checks, or degree verification have higher employee retention rates. Employers who do not conduct reference, education or employment verification could allow applicants to gain access to their company deceitfully. 

With 20 years of experience conducting background checks for employment, let Blue Eagle Security Solutions conduct your next criminal background check for employment. 

Overhead shot of person using laptop, paper, pen doing a background check

Background Checks
When it comes to hiring, trust, but verify.

Frequently asked questions

Why do a background check?

Background checks are an investment in risk mitigation and employee retention for your business. Hiring and interviewing is time consuming. Trust, but verify the information candidates provide on the resumes by conducting due diligence before hiring.

How long does a background check take?

A pre-employment background check typical takes a few weeks depending on the package selected and any add-ons requested. An employment screening check can take slightly longer if reference, employment, or education verification is performed.

What’s included in a background check?

Background check packages can include the following: SSN trace, nationwide criminal database search, sex offender registry, transcript verification, county court check, drug-screening, driving record, employment verification and monthly criminal monitoring, drug-screening, and a social media report.

What’s not included in a background check?

A background check cannot predict future behavior or the risk of conflict in the workplace. There is never a guarantee that all information a background check yield will be 100% accurate. That’s why Blue Eagle Security Solutions follows federal credit reporting act (FCRA) requirements to alert candidates to any derogatory information located during the employment screening process.

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