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Open-Source Intelligence,
Social Media Monitoring and Screening

Make informed decisions.

Open-Source Intelligence or OSINT is the collection of information, images, or posts by or about an individual or business that is publicly available on the internet. OSINT can be used by a variety of clients looking to make smart or ethical decisions in partnerships or hiring.


Social media monitoring or SOCINT is intelligence gathered on an individual or business from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and others. Social media monitoring is typically performed by a business or organization in the efforts to protect their reputation, brand or to monitor certain employee’s statements.


Both open-source and social media information give clients the intelligence used to make important conclusions and business decisions in a variety of situations.

Why hire a private investigator for open-source intelligence, social media monitoring and screening?

Hiring an outside expert to conduct and report on your research helps mitigate risk or fraud for your organization. Private Investigators have access to non-public, but private search tools that can quickly gather and organize intelligence from thousands of sources, saving you time and money. An OSINT trained investigator can rapidly conduct a social media background check or perform social media screening for employment.

Social media screening is best performed by a third party specializing in such open-source research, such as Blue Eagle Security Solutions LLC.  A private investigative agency has the resources, databases, and expertise to provide accurate SOCINT and OSINT for your business solutions.  Internet evidence or meta data is collected in a form that will hold up in a court of law, in the event of any litigation.

Semi blurred image of open source intelligence icons superimposed over a mobile device

Open-Source Intelligence
Expert level OSINT and SOCINT is key to success in any due diligence or intelligence investigation.

  • What is a workplace investigation?
    A workplace investigation is performed when there is an allegation of unethical behavior, misconduct, or a breach in company policy.
  • What are the steps to an investigation?
    A workplace investigation begins with organized informational interviews and establishing rapport with witnesses involved in the situation. Through these interviews, details are developed that uncover the context of the situation. A review of the facts and supplementary interviews may also be required. To conclude the investigation, a detailed report is submitted to human resources for a final review or decision.
  • What do you do at a witness interview?
    A witness interview is an opportunity to provide details or clarifications regarding a workplace situation. The investigator’s goal is to establish an understanding from the witness regarding what happened.
  • When should an external investigator be hired for workplace investigations?
    External investigators are valuable professional resources for workplace investigations as they have no stake in the outcome of the investigation. Furthermore, a third-party is impartial and allows the client to make a decision based on the facts.

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